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We have combined all the features you need in ONE software - Sellfer.

Easy to set upFollow a few basic steps to create a custom store according to your needs.

No hidden chargesThere are no monthly fees or tricky trial periods. Set your store up and see it grow successfully.

Multilingual systemYou are free to add as many languages as you need at no extra fee. Adapt your store to every market now!


Set up a unique and functional
website in no time

The user-friendly interface of Sellfer lets you easily create
and customize the design, even if you are a beginner.
A simple drag-and-drop functionality is all you need
to personalize your store. Add new modules, experiment
with colour themes and fonts and set yourself up
for success now!

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Ensure secure transactions with
recognized payment providers

Our platform works with the most trusted systems for online payment.
This guarantees that all data remains safe and the transactions go through immediately. Sell and get paid in a fast, easy and secure way.

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100% responsive design

Device compatibility is what can make it
or break it for an online business. With Sellfer
you are provided with a perfectly responsive software
- easy for you to manage, and for your clients to use,
from any device. We make your business fun to run.
Anywhere. Anytime.

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