About Sellfer


We developed one unified ecommerce and POS shop system that is 100% free for the customer to use – fiilix.com.

Customers from all over Europe can create a webshop with associated POS system for attended(offline) sales under the same administration panel. This makes it easy and simple for the customer to have their entire business in one platform.

The platform allows users to put together a high quality design with drag and drop functionalities. All the designing is happening in the front end so that the user can see live all his changes before saving them. Changes include adding or removing modules, customizing them, changing colors and typography.

Clean design is combined with UX and UI optimizations for higher convertion rate.

Both the admin and the front end are fully responsive.

System is suitable to sell everywhere through:

  • Option to add more languages /unlimited per shop/
  • Option to create a new language if it is not already in the platform trough translation options
  • Option to add custom shipping and taxes details
  • Unlimited currencies option

Users can easily upgrade domains in their admin and also have their SSL included from the start.

Sellfer allows admins to make discounts per product, per category or globally for the whole shop. Products discount can have a start and end date with a counter for time remaining for the deal. Detailed discount voucher system is supported as well.

You can find much more features, shop and account settings here – fiilix.com

Main problems to solve

  • E-commerce became too expensive
  • Saas platforms are becoming more and more complicated
  • Connection attended and unattended sales under one platform without integrations and additional payments


  • 100% free /the profit of Sellfer is taken out of the transaction fee that the customer will pay anyway/
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to manage and maintain
  • Included POS integration
  • Multilingual and options for international shipping and taxes

How do we make money?

Although we are a free platform, we still have a very attractive and scalable business plan.

Sellfer charges around 50% of all credit card transactions fee, through our payment gateways. This doesn`t mean that our customers will pay more in transaction fees. Аpps are made with integrations that bring profit in Sellfer for the use of them through affiliate and partnership programs.