Cookie policy feature updated

Meet our new, GDPR compliant cookie policy. Due to The EU law on personal data, the General Data Protection Regulation, website/shop visitors have the right to receive specific, up-to-date information on what data is registered about them, for what purpose, and where it is sent. This affects cookie policy, too. Since 25 May 2018, websites cannot force their visitors to accept all cookies that are active on the websites. Now users have the right to know what user data cookies track, for what purpose, and even have the right to decline them all. Strictly following the regulation we from Sellfer updated our shops’ cookie policy.


We’ve gathered the cookies into four groups – Necessary, Functional, Analytics, and Marketing. Users can read more for each group and what data they track before deciding which cookie to accept. It’s important to know that the group with Necessary cookies is always active and those cookies cannot be switched off. These cookies are essential for the website to function. Users may disable them by changing their browser settings, but this may affect how the website functions. All of the other three groups can be declined if that’s what the user wants. Once accepted the cookies will be stored on the user’s device for 60 days if they don’t delete them manually.

Shop owners have app interface in their admins that allows them to edit the text in the consent box if they want to, of course. Following the regulation rules, we’ve added an option for easy access to the cookies if users subsequently changed their status regarding the cookies. Once accepted or declined, users’ consent can be changed anytime following the link in the footer of the shop, for instance.