New updates are coming live with the new version 1.0.3

Version 1.0.3 brings a fresh look to your webshop.  New features help you manage your shop with ease and make it looks even more stylish.

Dark mode activated

Joining the dark side is not always bad. With the new update, our customers can enable the dark theme of their shops. It changes the entire look of the webshop and delivers a great viewing experience. We’ve chosen a color scheme to suit the dark theme but you can always change the colors to match their brand.

Enable products for Webshop or SELLFER POS APP only

The new update delivers changes for the products, too. With the new options that you can find on the product page at the admin, you can select whether to enable a certain product only for the webshop or for the POS devices. If one of these options is selected the product will be enabled only for it. If none of them is selected the product will be visible both for the webshop and for the POS devices you have.

Added Category Discount

The new version brings new discounts that can be applied with a single click to thousands of products. Add a percent discount to an existing category and all products that belong to it will be applied with the discount. Removing the discount is just as easy as adding it. 

Check the new updates and see for yourself that managing a business has never been easier.