What’s new in Sellfer version 1.0.2

The latest updates on Sellfer are live. In version 1.0.2 you’ll find new features that will help you customize your online store and will ease the clients’ access to it. Let’s see what’s new.

Login with Google Account

With the latest update you, as a shop owner will be able to add not only login with Facebook to your shop but with Google too. In a few steps, you can activate the app and let your customers use their google accounts to login to the shop. The activation of the app is easy and simple but if you have any problems you can use our Help Center.

MailChimp integration

With the new version of Sellfer all our users can link their Mailchimp accounts with their shops. The integration is simple and with just two steps you can activate the app. When the app is enabled every customer that subscribes for the newsletter of the shop will be added to the list (audience) that you selected from the app in your shop admin. 

Design changes

Small design changes are coming with the new version, too. For instance, the search bar has been updated to a more compact version so as not to intrude on users. It now only shows after the clients have clicked on the search icon. The more elegant design of the modules is also part of the new release.