Front-end live editing is already here!

Hey Sellfers! Did you hear the news? Customizing webshops on now became even easier. From today you can edit the whole design of your webshop not from the admin but directly from your front-end. You’ll quickly learn that live editing of the design is much easier and useful.

What is new:

  • Add new modules directly on the shop’s homepage

  • Added function to enable/disable every module and make it visible when it’s ready to be published online

  • Customize the color palette of the shop with your favorite colors

  • Chose from the most popular fonts for websites

  • Customize icons across the shop by your vision

What are the benefits:

  • see how changes look on the webshop while making them

  • navigate through different pages to see how colors and fonts combine

  • see no difference between what’s in editing mode and what’s live on your webshop

Don’t waste time go and try it right now!


How to create amazing website with free images and videos?

Hi Sellfers! So you’ve created your store and now what? You’ve probably heard that half the impression of an online store is made from the photos. Therefore, you need breathtaking photos but on the other hand, you don’t want to exceed your budget. Most people would bet on pictures from the internet. Well, if that’s your case you need to read this article right away.

So let’s see what are dos and don’ts when using images from the internet

Dos :

  • It is good to use images from specialized sites. They offer a full variety of photos, graphics, videos and etc. which you can use for different kinds of apps.
  • You better use images that show the essence of your business. Make sure that pictures and videos contribute to the creation of the site’s individuality and not just to be there because it looks better.
  • Anyone who understands a bit of design will tell you that it’s preferred to have photos with the correct size, resolution, and orientation. Also, always choose photos with high quality.
  • You need to be careful with what license the image is and how it can be used.

Don’ts :

  • We don’t recommend you to download pictures directly from Google. First, they may not be appropriate for your site at all, such as quality, size, and so on. And secondly, they may have copyrights. You must be aware that using unauthorized images can cause serious consequences.
  • Do not choose too common photos. Still, you want to make your site noticeable and unique.
  • Don’t try to fit an image where it doesn’t belong. For example, a portrait-oriented picture in a landscape-oriented location or vice versa.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to rename images. This way Google will understand what’s in the picture.

After reading this, you must be a little worried. Don’t be. Sellfer to the rescue. We’ve gathered some pretty interesting and useful sites from where you can download free pictures and videos and forget all your cares.


Other excellent resources for free videos are:


Now you are ready to create an amazing online store, without declaring bankruptcy.


Sellfer and GDPR compliance

General Data Protection Regulation took effect on May 25th. The regulation impacts on how companies all over the world collect and handles their customers’ personal information and more specifically the data of european customers. All companies no matter big or small are bound to grant their users access to their personal data. By accessing their information customers can edit it or completely delete it, as well as to withdraw their consent from certain terms and conditions that they’ve agreed earlier by using the service. The regulation includes every form of personal information of the customers: photos, publications in social media, IP addresses, bank details and ID numbers, such as National insurance number.

As user of you don’t need to worry about that. Sellfer is GDPR compliant, meaning that at anytime you can access your personal data, edit it or request its completely deletion from our servers. Read our Privacy policy and Terms and conditions to be informed about rights you have under the GDPR and more about how we process your personal information.

GDPR and our customers’ online shops
Since our goal is to ease our clients we’ve created for you privacy policy generator which you can use in your online shops. Neither we, nor you as a shop owner can afford to neglect the regulation especially when there are fines for non-compliance. Having this in mind, we have created Privacy policy and Terms and conditions templates to ensure that your online store also complies with the regulation. We highly recommend you to read and adjust them specifically for your online store.

What to say, we like both ourselves and our clients to follow the rules and keep up with new trends.


Introducing Sellfer

Hello Sellfers!

We are proud to introduce you our platform for online stores and e-commerce –

After months of hard work and an infinite amount of coffee, we released our baby. It all started as an idea to make e-commerce more accessible for people all over the world and for those who don’t do coding for fun. With Sellfer you can create the online store you’ve always dreamed about in just a few simple steps and start selling products and goods right away. It’s never been easier to start your own business. We’ve thought about what we would like to see in such a platform, what functionalities would be helpful for users to create a shop of their own without all useless steps or paying for more features to make it better. And that’s how Sellfer was born. is made for you, the one who wants to start an online business and create something big, not just watching others doing it. Start now and enjoy it. We hope you like what we have created.

Sincerely yours,

Coffee Addicted