Ways to boost your holidays sales

It’s proved that people spent more money during holidays, no matter Valentine’s day, Christmas or Mother’s day. Usually days before holidays people start thinking about what presents to buy for their friends, family, and colleagues. More and more people are looking for presents online among thousands of online shops. Research shows that online shopping has drastically increased over the last years. Considering this, if you are an online shop owner and want to benefit from holiday shopping, you’ll want to read the next few lines.


Have you heard about upselling?

This is a technique whose purpose is to make customers spend more money on an upgraded version of the purchased products. You can also offer your customers free delivery or discount which they will be able to use if order products for a minimum amount. The essence of upselling is to motivate the buyer to spend more money than originally planned.


No obligatory registration

We do not recommend you make registration obligatory for the holidays. Don’t forget that regular customer is the one who needs your products. On the contrary, holidays’ customers buy presents for their families, not something for their needs, so the possibility to return to your shop is small. So you better make the checkout maximum short during holidays. As a matter of fact, it’s better if your store has one-page checkout the whole time, but this is a topic for another article.


Add countdown timer

Research shows that people spend more money when they are limited in time for buying something. You can add a timer that countdowns days to Christmas, for example. Or to countdown the time left for the discount. The idea is to find what is important for the customers and to offer limited time to buy it.


Form discounts in attractive for customers way

If the actual cash discount is not so noticeable, advertise it as a percentage: “30% Discount” instead of “Save $30”.


Real-time support

If your online store doesn’t have an online consultant you may want to think about that. When customers order products for presents, lots of them will want to be consulted.


Follow these simple rules and you’ll see how your sales will increase significantly.

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How to stand out with a great and recognizable logo

Have an idea for a startup – checked

Find a platform on which to build your online store – checked

Start designing your store – checked

Insert the logo of your company … loading


Pretty much this is the sequence of actions when you start a business. The logo is a very important part of your brand. This is the thing that will distinguish you from other sellers. And if your logo is great it will become the part that will stay in customers’ minds and with what they’ll connect your brand.


So after you created your Sellfer online store, it is time to think about your logo. In the next few lines, we will tell you what are the essentials of one great and recognizable logo.


First things first, the logo must be simple. What we mean is that it’s not recommended to use complex illustrations and images which are not recognizable at first sight. Also, if your logo is a mix of image and text, it is better if the accent is on the text, not the image. A good example of a simple logo is that of Apple.


The next important thing is the font. It must be easy to read as in a small or big format. A great example of such a logo is Nike.


If your logo is colorful, you have to limit the number of used colors. More of the successful logos in the world contain no more than 3 colors. Just think about the logo of CocaCola. And since we are talking about colors, it is good to think whether your logo is as effective in black and white as in color. After all, there might be a moment when you’ll have to print your logo in black and white.


Another good strategy when creating a logo is to think about how it will look and sound after 10 and why not 20 years. After all, Nike was founded in 1964 and today its logo is one of the most recognizable in the world.


After you know the essential steps in creating logo it’s time to start. We know that not all of you are designers and others don’t have enough money to pay to someone else to create them a logo. Not to mention that the process of explaining to someone your idea for the logo, so they can create it for you, sometimes can be really long and frustrating.


That’s why we decide to give you some good examples of websites where you can create your own logo for free, by yourself., and are websites where all you need to do is write your name, describe shortly in what industry you’re operating and voila! After a couple of clicks, you have created your logo.


It’s that simple. And how we said earlier – simpler, the better.