Go from 0 to 1 by creating the most stunning online store customers have ever seen. You’ve seen all those fancy shops on the internet and now you are worried about how to make your shop look like it’s made by a renowned designer. Don’t worry, with Sellfer’s live editing everything is going to be fine. The best part of it – YOU are going to be the designer.


You can choose from our list with modules which one to add to your shop depending on your vision for the store and how to customize every one of them. With a single click can add a new module or make it not visible for the customers if you need to edit it. Add a Blog module or Carousel with images, it’s up to you. To help you even more with creating the design of your shop, we’ve gathered the most popular fonts for webshops to choose from.

Perfect Product Page

A list with modules helps you to customize every part of Product Page. With a single click can add a new module or make it not visible for the customers if you need to edit it.  You can choose how to display your product and attract users to buy it.

Make it attractive

Right from the start, our Web Editor is here to help you with ready to use content elements. Literally within minutes, you can build attractive Page  with drag and drop interface without touching a single line of code

The new motto: The simpler, the better

Using the color palette, you can customize the shop and set the colors that customers will associate with the shop. As Sellfer is unique we want our customers to have unique shops too, so we’ve given you the chance to customize even the icons of your store and stand out in front of all other shops. To make it even simple everything is going to happen on your shop’s homepage, not in the admin. This way you’ll see every change you made right away and you’ll see it the way your customers will. It’s never been easier to become a designer.

Start your store NOW!

The best time to change your future is now!