Easy to create

Sellfer allows you to create your own original store in seconds no matter a beginner or advanced user


Manage unlimited products and inventory

No matter if you are selling ten or ten thousand products. With Sellfer there is no limitation of the number of products you can manage. We are here to support your business not holding it back.


Accept card, contactless and online payments anywhere.

No monthly fees, no hidden costs.

Create beautiful Websites in Record Time

You can rely on our amazing features list and also our customer services will be great experience for you without doubt and in no-time

Free SSL certificate

SSL is cryptographic protocol that provides communications security over a computer network. SSL certificate protects your username, passwords, credit card information. Usually users have to pay for this certificate, but we from Sellfer got you covered. It’s free all the way.

Free hosting with unlimited possibilities

You don’t need to pay for hosting. Everything is stored on our servers.

Upgrade to your own domain

For your ease we offer you to buy a domain for your online store just in few steps. The platform offers search option where you can check if the preferred domain name of you is available. Moreover, you also see similar domain names if the one you wanted is taken and even buy one directly from the platform

Import / export products easy

Add as many products as you want with just a click. With Sellfer you can add whole tables with filled in product and export them to the admin of your shop. Start your business in minutes and without unnecessary efforts


Fulfil order in a single step

In these days time is money and If you’re wasting too much time to fulfill a single order this will be bad for the business in general. Our specialists thought about that and made it possible for you to fulfill order with a single step. This will shorten your time for managing orders and also, customers will be more satisfied of the speed you’re working on their orders. And satisfied customer is a returning customer.

Accept payments via Epay, PayPal, Yourpay

in this fast moving world everybody pays their bills with credit or debit cards. Sellfer offers you different payment options to choose from. Accept payments from every part of the world by using payment system that meets your requirements.


Advanced taxes options

let’s be honest, it is clear as a daylight that all accounting stuff are not the first thing you’ve thought the moment when you decide to start your own business. That’s why we put some features that can ease you. You can either use the automatic tax calculator or if you are a pro in this area you can add different taxes for the different countries and regions, even.

Work with as many currencies as you want

if you are selling worldwide you probably have different currencies for the different areas. Because of that, Sellfer offers you completely automatic currency calculator that calculates prices of goods and services using foreign exchange rates published by the European Central Bank. No need to worry about rates and calculating prices anymore.


Free support

We are always at your disposal. If you’re experiencing some troubles with the platform or need help with something, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. It’s free and certainly helpful.

Marketing module

Did you know that 71% of users that have had good social media experience with brand are most likely to recommend it to other users. You may have the best product in the world but without advertising who knows about it? Use our Marketing module to connect with digital marketing experts. We’ve selected and monitored the right partners that will create marketing campaigns exclusively for your business. You decide how much you want to pay and where you want to advertise your business.

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