Sell on Facebook and Google with PosFox

Our mission is to help you expand the market you offer your products to and make selling on Facebook and Google easy. That’s why we are excited to announce that you can make your products available to shoppers across Google and Facebook within minutes! We know that many people want to sell their products through their Facebook page, but don’t have the time or technical knowledge required to set up a dedicated e-commerce site. Using PosFox, you can create a website and list your products for sale on Facebook and Google all within one simple interface — no need for multiple systems or accounts!

All you need for your online business is a Facebook or Google account

Let’s say you started an online business, and want to expand it to Facebook or Google but don’t know where to begin. You might be thinking that you need a bigger budget, and a developer to help you—but with PosFox, all you need is Facebook or Google account!

We are excited to announce that PosFox supports selling on Facebook and Google. In an effort to grow your business and sell more, we have built this feature that allows you to list your products on Facebook and Google without needing a developer and in a few steps.

Sell on Facebook with PosFox

PosFox helps you create a store and list your products on Facebook through one platform so it saves time and money while maximizing sales opportunities. Your product information is automatically synced between social media channels like Facebook—you don’t have to go back and forth between multiple platforms every time there’s an update!

All you need is a Facebook page. Then simply activate the Facebook catalog feed app through your PosFox shop admin, select the categories with products you want to sell on Facebook and we will take care of the rest! The system will generate a feed with the selected products that you can upload to your Facebook page. The feed has the whole information about your products including images, videos, and descriptions. Making it easier for you to get your products out there we’ve added automation to the feed, which means that the feed regenerates every 24 hours and all newly created products will be added to your Facebook automatically. You won’t have to lift a finger: we’ll take care of it all! The best part of it is you won’t have to pay any additional fees over your PosFox plan to sell on Facebook. It’s just one more way that PosFox helps businesses like yours expand their reach without breaking the bank!

Sell on Google with PosFox

If you’re looking to sell on Google, you don’t have to hire a developer. PosFox supports selling on Google too, so you can reach a much wider audience. You don’t have to worry about managing multiple platforms; this is all taken care of for you by PosFox! PosFox makes it easy for any business owner with a product or service to list their items on Google. Before uploading your products to Google, you need to verify that you are the website owner. When done simply activate the Google catalog feed app from your shop admin panel, select the categories with products you want to sell on Google and we’ll take care of the rest! Similar to the Facebook catalog app a feed is generated with the selected products. You can download it from your shop admin and then upload it to your Google merchant center. The feed has all the added information about your products. We’ve added automation so that the feed regenerates every 24 hours and all newly created or updated products will be added to your Google Center immediately! We’ll take care of everything for you! The best part is that PosFox doesn’t charge anything extra over what you already pay for your plan—so selling on Google is included in all plans!

In Conclusion

We hope this article has given you a better understanding of how to sell on Facebook and Google without needing a programmer or any technical knowledge. All you need is a site and products. PosFox takes care of the rest.