How It Works


Build your site

Аdd your logo, choose colors and fonts and fully customize your online store. Then you can start adding products and organize them into categories. Offer variations of the products, even. Start selling today without trial period and with no monthly fees. Building a site has never been easier.


Design your store

Make unique, one of a kind store. Add modules and rearrange them using the drag and drop functionality. Design every part of your site the way you like it – from the position of different modules to the color of buttons. Add banners, customizable blocks and texts and personalize the whole look of your store.

Accept payments

Accept payment immediately. Sellfer supports different payment services, so you can choose the one that’s perfect for you. You can accept Visa, Mastercard and etc.


Ship and Fulfill orders

Fulfill your customers’ orders in just a few clicks and ship orders globally. Simplified system of
orders doesn’t waste your time and you can fulfill orders with ease and in minutes.


Analyze your business

Use analytics services like Google analytics and Facebook pixel and be in control of your online store. Measure the effectiveness of your site and track the traffic, sales and visits made in your shop. Take your business to a whole new level of work and success.

Sell everywhere

Sell in every part of the world. Ship products effortlessly all over the world and update your customers automatically about their order`s progress.


Sell B2B

Don’t be modest. Connect with other businesses from different countries even and sell them your goods or services. Let them grow so you can succeed, too. B2B module makes it easy for you to set up your dropshipping business.

Convert visitors

It’s just a guess but you don’t want just visitors of your store,right? You want conversions or said otherwise customers to make valuable actions. This very much depends on user`s experience in your site. We’ll make sure your store to be user friendly and to minimize extra steps they don’t need to make.


Drive traffic

You want more customers? Then you need to advertise. And good advertising makes more traffic to your site. We offer you different ways to promote your business and of course experts to work with to help you increase traffic to your site. It’s up to you whether you need advertisement in facebook, through email or SEO optimization.

Integrate with apps

Numerous tools are integrated in each store to help you manage it easy!